Promo Globe 3

Beach flags look good wherever you use them.

With its eye-catching design, this new style in advertising is very attractive to businesses.

Size 7’ - 16.5’

Delivery in 12 days after you approve the designs.

> Accessories
> Manufacturing characteristics
Beach flags are made of polyester and work in all weathers. They are wind-resistant because they turn in the wind! Each of our four models comes in three sizes.
> Printing Technique
With dye sublimation printing, definition is so clear that you can print a photo. Just one level of quality: the best, at an unbeatable price!!!
> Design Templates
Download PDF (fr)

Feather flag S1
Download PDF (fr)

Feather flag S2
Download PDF (fr)

Feather flag S3
Download PDF (fr)

Feather flag S4
Download PDF (fr)

Block flag
Download PDF (fr)


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